Gettting in the Game Book

Getting in the Game BookMy new book Getting in the Game: Guiding Your Startup Through the World of Venture Capital and Angel Investors helps you to prep your business and partnerships in the best possible way in order to avoid the pitfalls that budding entrepreneurs often encounter. Based on my 19 years of experience working with startups I know the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs as well as the ones that can totally side-blind you.  I wrote Getting in the Game so that you can prepare for the foreseeable future and whether whatever surprises happen along the way as well.

Some of the topics I cover in the book are:

  • Figuring out your company’s value
  • Why venture capitalists and angels think the way they do
  • Investor Presentations
  • Managing intellectual property
  • Navigating through the term sheet negotiation
  • Understanding and building capitalization tables
  • Establishing and managing boards

For more information about the book click here.


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