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LACI Lunch & Learn Presentation

I had a wonderful time presenting to some of the LACI founders last week. Our Lunch & Learn topic was equity basics for founders.



PortTechExpo #CleanTech Pitch Competition – Aug. 16th, Aug. 22nd, Sept. 5th

The 3rd Annual PortTechEXPO will feature a pitch competition for clean tech entrepreneurs on September 5th.  To be considered for the finals on September 5th you must participate in one of the coaching and mock judging sessions on either August 16th or August 22nd. Finalists will be selected from among the firms participating in the coaching sessions.

It’s important to take every opportunity you can to perfect your pitch and get your idea out there. In my book Getting in the Game I devote an entire chapter to meeting investors and discuss how pitch competitions can be a great way to do this. So with Angel and venture investors, business advisors and coaches, attorneys, accountants, and port representatives in attendance at the PortTechEXPO, anyone launching a clean tech startup may want to take advantage.

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Los Angeles Clean Tech Conference – Aug. 7th

The Clean Techn0logy Council will host an event titled: Converting Waste to Energy with Fuel Cells. Keynote speaker, Tom McGrath (Founder/Chief Sustainability Officer at LABS Renewable Energy), will discuss leveraging developments in organic waste convergence and fuel cell electrical power generation.

The Clean Technology Council is a non-profit whose mission is to support entrepreneurs that want to create and deliver sustainable businesses and products.  CTC members help entrepreneurs identify sustainability opportunities, research alternatives, create project teams and partner with world class mentors and critical resources.

The event will take place on Aug. 7th at 6PM and is a must for entrepreneurs launching Clean Tech startups. For more information visit

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